Feature-rich and bundled up in the best way possible

We know HRIS inside out! PeoplesHR Turbo is both a robust and feature-rich HR Solution packaged in the best way possible to cater to the growing HR needs of small and medium businesses. With Turbo, we offer you the full HR experience, with little effort, at a lesser cost in no time at all.

It's a package deal that comes with the basics you need to get your HR running!

Core HR

Employee Information Manager

Ability to maintain detailed employee information.

Convert raw employee into data driven dashboards and reports.

Employee Life Cycle

Capture every step of employee lifecycle movement.

Track, manage and control changes and phases of employee life cycle including promotions, designation changes, transfers, salary increments or even demotions.

Organisational Structure

A clear mapping of the workflow and authorities that exist within the organisation.


Take the pain out of payroll management. Process payroll in just a matter of clicks.

Local statutory compliance.

Payslip generation.

Timely reminders.

Data security.

Following up-to-date taxes.


Time and Attendance

Simplify the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, tracking and data collection

Mobile attendance system.

Assign employees to work patterns and calculate late, early, no pay and overtime.

Payroll processing.

Calculate absenteeism.

Manage remote workers.

Assign different policies.


Every project and task is accounted for with the time spent by each employee to get the work done, so you know where your workforce stands in the race towards success.

Employee Engagement

Mobile App for Employees

Convenient and user friendly mobile app experience.

Easy Check in and out with geo tagging.

Apply leave and check leave balances.

View payslips, company news and policies.

Apply benefits and view benefits history.

AI Powered Chatbot

AI supported help that gives you day to day guidance and real time assistance, with a simple interaction just like a casual chat, to obtain quick help when you need it.


In-built dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Report Navigator

Generate reports required for decision making purposes and assign them to specific user groups that will benefit from the available information.

On Demand Reports Generator

Create reports to fit any requirement for a drilled down view or export for future reference. Get a clear view of decision specific information with the ability to analyse them across different dimensions with ease.

HR Dashboards

The data gathered from the different modules all come together creating an info-graphic view of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Other Features

Absence Management

A single platform that helps employees as well as the management to track and manage absences with higher efficiency and reliability.

Manage leave entitlements and balances against each employee.

Availability of pre-configured statutory leave types.

Benefits Management

Take your claims management process to the next level, with three simple steps, where the users can not only add, but track and manage the claims allocated to them.

Recruitment Management

Track, manage and keep a detailed record of the entire recruitment process. A one-page view of the progress of a vacancy with the timeline. From candidate requisition to selection as an employee.